Revenue Management

“Maximizing profit by selling the right room to the right client at the right moment for the right price and through the right channel.”

Right Room – What are the different room types in your hotel and supplement strategy for each of these? How are you managing this inventory?

Right Client – Not all customers are equally profitable to your hotel. Each client can be segmented by purpose and type of booking. Each segment has a different profit level. It is very important that you understand the profit from each segment.

Right moment –Timing is one of the most important concepts in Revenue Management. Understand peak demand days of the week, month, and season to maximize revenues. Each segment has a different booking pattern. It is important to have a full understanding of the hotel booking pace.

Right price – Is the pricing strategy correct for each of your segments? Is your pricing strategy dynamic? How does your pricing strategy compare to your competitors?

Right channel – What channels does your hotel currently work with? What is the cost of each of these channels and which channels are your customers booking through? It is essential to optimize distribution of your hotel.