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Clive Cooper

Vice President Avendra Europe

Paula Daenen

General Manager Continental Europe

Alan Cruite

General Manager Northern Europe

Olivier Bertrand

Procurement Director Avendra Continental Europe

Graham Coles

Procurement Director, Avendra Northern Europe

Matthew Carroll

AVP European Group Purchasing Finance

James Pickles

Financial Controller

Kieran Sanderson

Assistant Accountant

Joery Verstrepen

Credit Controller

Soizic Guinard

Procurement Manager France

Daan Sparenberg

Procurement Manager The Netherlands, Belgium & Germany

Ken O’Riordan

Procurement Manager Ireland

Christopher Fermie

Procurement Manager UK

Kristel Cauterman

Assistant Procurement Manager Belgium & Netherlands

Pascal Leruth

Project Analyst

Tony Dierckens

Senior Relationship Manager Belgium

Letizia Mirandola

Senior Relationship Manager France, Italy & Spain

Didier Lorgeoux

Business Development Manager France
Valerie Guyaux | team headshot | trinity purchasing

Valérie Guyaux

Relationship Manager Belgium

Anneleen Martens

Relationship Manager Belgium

Virginie Dothée

Relationship Manager Belgium

Dieter Schoofs

Relationship Manager Belgium

René Beerda

Relationship Manager Belgium

Charlotte Lescrauwaet

Relationship Manager Belgium

Alisée Rozier Nash

Relationship Manager France

Rogatien Le Nail

Relationship Manager France

Sarah Victor

Relationship Manager France

Laurine Jamard

Relationship Manager France

Dina Spiegel

Relationship Manager Germany

Sanne Vogelaar

Regional Relationship Manager The Netherlands & Germany

Alan Masterson

Relationship Manager, Healthcare, Ireland

Brian Pierson

Relationship Manager Ireland

Cheryl Naughton

Relationship Manager Ireland

Brian Williams

Relationship Manager Ireland

Matt Cox

Relationship Manager UK

Céline Snauwaert

E-procurement Coordinator

Mariëlle van Heerewaarden

HR Coordinator

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