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Pi: Award-winning, cloud-based purchase-to-pay solution

Pi is our exclusive cloud-based eProcurement system which offers a full Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) solution and a suite of purpose-built modules.

Pi is fully configurable and has been designed to meet your requirements, from basic supplier ordering and electronic invoice management to a fully integrated business management tool covering menu management, inventory control and much more.

Starting with the P2P solution, our dedicated team of technical, administrative, and training experts will make deploying and taking full advantage of Pi a smooth and straightforward process. Pi is managed, maintained, and developed entirely ‘in house’, so you know you are always dealing with people who understand and value your business.

What makes Pi different?

  • Specifically designed to support procurement, catering, operations and finance in a hospitality setting
  • Provides total visibility and a single source of truth across your operation
  • No need for manual input – data is received directly from suppliers
  • Catalogues, price lists and supplier data are managed and maintained by Trinity Purchasing
  • A friendly, modern interface ensures a great user-experience
  • Designed for use with laptop, tablet and phone
  • Built from the ground-up and developed in-house
  • Full training and on-going support included

Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) Solution

Supplier Ordering

Record Supplier Deliveries

Invoice Management

Purchase Coding

Management Reporting

Supplier Ordering

The powerful online ordering system allows users to place orders with multiple suppliers through one single web portal.

The system can be tailored with preferred product lists so your staff can order only approved contract line items. Furthermore, the system has cut-off time alerts and order countdown notification, ensuring you will never miss an order date.

Record Supplier Deliveries

Deliveries can be recorded in the system in seconds, using the supplier order as a template.

Notes can be added to deliveries, so that suppliers’ performance and KPI’s can be easily monitored and tracked. Part-deliveries and product substitutions are simple to manage directly via tablet or phone when the order arrives, reducing paperwork and the requirement for double-entry.

Invoice Management

The heart of the purchase-to-pay process. Supplier invoices are processed automatically as soon as they arrive digitally, directly from suppliers.

Every invoice-line is checked against the contract price, and the associated booked-in delivered quantity. If both these checks pass, the invoice is automatically reconciled and is added to the payment batch. Should any of these checks fail, the invoice is ‘held back’ for investigation. Credit requests can be raised within the system and sent directly to the supplier for processing. Once received, credits are matched automatically against credit requests and held back invoices are released for payment if appropriate.

Purchase Coding

The system vastly reduces unnecessary administration as it enables ‘purchase coding’ rules to be configured.

When an invoice arrives, the appropriate cost centre and nominal code is automatically assigned to each invoice line. A full breakdown of nominal expenditure can be viewed instantly. Additionally, information is included within the finance export; reducing the possibility of human error and saving considerable time.

Management Reporting

You can view real-time granular detail management information in a series of dynamic customisable tables, graphs and charts.

The system enables you to analyse spend and drill down into data by site, supplier, category and even at product level. Reports can be exported in a variety of different formats for further offline analysis if required.

Additional Modules

Fully integrating with the P2P functionality, Pi can also cover:
  • Menu & Allergen Management (recipes, allergens, nutrition)
  • Stock Control & Waste Management
  • Production Planning
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Patient/Customer Ordering

Additional functionality is available for Trinity Purchasing members located in the UK. This includes:  Stock control and waste management, menu management, budget monitoring and more.

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