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Boost your hotel profits: free expertise and cost-saving services

Facing rising prices for food, beverage, maintenance, and energy expenses? Partnering with Trinity Purchasing can be a game-changer for your business. Our procurement company has helped countless hotel operators save money, increase efficiencies, and stay competitive. The best part? Our expertise comes at no cost to you! Here is how we can help you: 1. FREE savings review at no cost The Trinity Purchasing team are procurement experts backed by global purchasing power – delivering savings across all areas – from your food and beverage to non-food purchases. Our dedicated, local hospitality and procurement experts will do the work for […]

Three sustainable fresh fish products for hospitality

The demand for sustainable and high-standard food has never been higher. Customers care about the quality of what is on their plates and where it comes from. Nancy Van Neyghem from Mowi Belgium will introduce some sustainable fresh fish solutions to consider adding to your menus to delight your customers. Three sustainable fish products to consider 1. Farm-raised Atlantic Salmon We are part of Mowi ASA, a leading global seafood company and the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon. With a fully integrated value chain from salmon feed and eggs to final product, we offer tasty, healthy, nutritious and responsible […]

Latest fire safety solutions for hospitality operators

There are many fire risks that hotels and hospitality operators need to manage. Whether inside the premises, for example, in the kitchen or outside in the car park area, you must have the correct product in place! In this article, BGS Fire Safety expert, Adel Oueslati, highlights some of the fire risk areas and the latest solutions they offer. Electric Cars & Bikes Fire Safety Solution Fire Blankets are the only solution for fires in electric vehicles and bikes As many hotels now provide electric car recharge stations and electric bikes to enhance their guests’ experience – we want to […]

Three beverage trends to watch in 2023

The beverage market constantly changes as consumer trends modify behaviour, and producers look to gain attention with new product launches. The media tell us that the younger generation is increasingly moving away from alcoholic beverages, and just a few years ago, who would have thought alcohol-free gin would gain traction? What is clear is that consumers – across all generations – are increasingly making decisions based on a continued focus on health, wellness and sustainability. Here are the top three beverage trends to watch out for in the year ahead. Drinks which offer cognitive health benefits Customers are progressively looking […]

Dealing with allergens: a guide for food operators

This week has marked Food Allergy Awareness Week. If you serve food or beverages in the European Union, it is essential to be well-informed about the regulations surrounding food allergens. What are food allergens? Food allergens are substances present in certain foods that can trigger an immune response in individuals with food allergies. These allergic reactions occur when the immune system mistakenly identifies harmless proteins in food as threats and mounts a defensive response. Food allergens can cause a wide range of symptoms, ranging from mild discomfort to severe and life-threatening reactions. Understanding food allergens is crucial for individuals with […]

Book your place for the next Trinity Purchasing Event in Belgium on 20 June!

We are delighted to extend an invitation to our Trinity Purchasing Event for hotel, restaurant and leisure centre operators that will take place on Tuesday, 20 June in Brussels. Event details Date: Tuesday, 20 June 2023 Time: 15.00 – 19.00 Venue: Van Marcke Big Blue (Leuvensesteenweg 390 – Zaventem) Join us at the event to: Gain insight into ways to mitigate price increases across food and non-food purchases Hear from a panel of industry experts who will share their tips to implement sustainable practices in your hotel business Learn about the solutions, products and services as well as special promotions […]

4 tips to reduce costs and improve profitability for your hospitality operations

Many hospitality operators are experiencing price increases, supply chain issues, and significant staff churn.   Alan Cruite, General Manager, Northern Europe at Trinity Purchasing, our industry expert with over 24 years of experience in the HORECA industry, shares his four tips to help ensure your operation succeeds during these challenging times.   1. Ask for a better energy deal  While you may want to sign a new energy deal with your existing supplier when your contract ends – now is the time to shop around. The market is volatile, and prices can differ substantially from alternative gas and electricity suppliers.   Our solution  […]

Starting with sustainability   

We are aware that the food industry has a significant impact on our planet. Our aim is to continuously reduce the ecological impact of our activities and help our members reduce their carbon footprint.    Our team are working closely with all our suppliers to build a robust and sustainable supply chain, as we must work with suppliers that can assist Trinity Purchasing and our members to meet sustainable sourcing goals and commitments.      The Trinity team is helping our members to reduce their carbon footprint by looking across the broad range of critical commodities – from paper and chemical usage to […]

Ways we support our members across Europe

Whether our members want to reduce costs, enhance their operations, increase efficiencies, or reduce their carbon footprint – our team of experts provides a consultative approach that best meets their needs.  We support a wide range of hospitality and nursing home operations – from budget to five-star hotels, aparthotels, restaurants, and more. No matter the scale of your operation, our goal is always the same – to become an extension of your teams, helping you achieve your unique goals.  Here is a selection of a few member stories:  Member: Parkhotel Kurhaus in Bad Kreuzanch, Germany, a 116-room property built in […]

Four digital hotel trends to embrace in 2023

The pandemic is starting to seem like a distant memory, and the hotel industry is seeing a surge in demand, with travellers eager to make up for the lost time. However, with such high demand comes even higher expectations from guests.   Hotels must provide a seamless experience, from booking to arrival and beyond. Luckily, technology can be a game-changer here. By embracing the latest digital technology, hotel operators can ensure their guests have an enjoyable and hassle-free stay.  Here are five digital trends for hotels to help you to stay ahead of the curve in 2023:   1. Using virtual reality […]

IBS-friendly dining: Don’t miss out on 15% of potential customers!

April marks IBS Awareness Month, bringing attention to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which affects approximately 10 to 15% of the general population. A significant percentage of individuals with IBS avoid eating out due to the limited options available on menus that won’t trigger their symptoms. By making simple adjustments to your menu to offer suitable choices for customers with IBS, you can ensure their satisfaction and get repeat business. What is IBS and how does it affect people who suffer from it IBS can significantly impact the quality of life of those who suffer from it. The condition affects the digestive […]

The owners of Hotel Inn Salland

How Hotel Inn Salland improved profitability by partnering up with procurement experts

Starting a new business is a challenge. And as sisters Dominique and Nicole Hutten discovered when they took on the Hotel & Brasserie Inn Salland in Raalte, Netherlands, starting a new hospitality business during the pandemic proved even harder.   They spoke with us about their journey and how their hotel is now a big success, thanks in part to the operational support provided by the Trinity Purchasing team.   Background In September 2020, we saw great potential in a local hotel that was up for sale, so we took it on. With 41 guest rooms on the edge of Raalte in […]

Making Cherry Pi even sweeter: Key upgrades to improve user experience

Trinity’s Pi cloud-based procurement system provides a range of modules that empower finance, procurement, and catering teams to streamline their operations, saving them hours of manual effort. With Pi, teams gain a comprehensive view of their catering operations, giving them greater visibility and control.  The Pi system is continuously updated by a dedicated in-house development team supported by Pi’s Lead Product & Release Manager, Matt Ferris, who will provide the latest on recent enhancements.  Overview  Our team stays up to date with evolving legislation, user feedback, and suggestions to ensure the system’s functionalities are always current and relevant.   My team and […]

Anneleen Martens celebrates ten years with Trinity Purchasing

Anneleen Martens is a Relationship Manager at Trinity Purchasing, covering West Flanders in Belgium. As she celebrates ten years at Trinity, she looks back at where she started in the hospitality industry – and what’s changed over time.   Hospitality industry experience Initially, I worked for a group of franchised hotels and started at the front office in the Holiday Inn Express in Antwerp. I did the opening there, so we started from scratch, which was a good experience, and I grew into the role of front office manager. I then spent some time on the sales team, looking after […]

Trinity Purchasing Events in 2023: Showcasing the latest trends, innovations, and solutions

Last year, our Trinity Purchasing Belgium team organised successful regional events for hotel, restaurant and leisure operators, which brought together the latest solutions, products and trends in the industry all in one place. We are excited to bring these events back in 2023!  We kicked off our first event of the year in March at the Holiday Inn Express in Ghent, Belgium, and we were happy to see so many of our members attend. Here are the highlights from the event!  Supplier showcase Over 50 food and non-food suppliers showcased their latest products, services, and special promotions.  “It’s not often […]

Mix of dishes

Inspiration for your spring brunch menus

In 2022 Chef’s Culinar, Trinity’s food partner in the Netherlands, opened their “Chefs Inspiration” centre in Nijmegen. The inspiration centre offers a place where you can explore the latest trends, learn more about the origins of fresh products, and broaden your knowledge through Chefs Inspiration trainings, given by passionate professionals.  Meet Geneal Harreman One of the centre’s newest chefs is Geneal Harreman, who has worked within Chefs Culinar since October. Geneal gained knowledge in the hospitality field at several restaurants in Amsterdam, from brasseries to starred restaurants, including Vermeer, Rijks and De Kas. At Chefs Culinar, he helps operators put […]

The French Trinity team at Cafés Richard

A Taste of France: The Trinity team visits supplier Cafés Richard

At Trinity, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to our members by keeping up to date with the latest offerings from our suppliers. Team visit to coffee supplier Cafés Richard This week, our French team visited Cafés Richard, who has been one of our coffee suppliers in France since 2020. Cafés Richard was founded in 1892 and is one of the country’s most famous coffee suppliers in the hospitality and catering industry. Cafés Richards kindly welcomed our French team to their premises yesterday, providing us with a venue for a country meeting. We also met with Cafés Richard to […]

group of people in a sustainable work environment

Trinity Purchasing’s Sustainability Plan: Be Well. Do Well.

As a company, we care about positively impacting people and the planet. This is why we are excited to launch our sustainability plan: Be Well. Do Well. Here are some of the highlights: Creating a sustainable workplace We’re doing our bit in the workplace to reduce our fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions. And as our work centres around people, we make them a critical focus of our sustainability plan.   We do this by:   Increasing the uptake of electric and hybrid vehicles in our company car fleet  Reducing commuter car travel through hybrid working   Providing a wide range of […]

Hotels  Libertel: Mitigating price increases and saving time through a procurement partnership  

Hotels Libertel is a group of five ideally situated hotels around Paris, France, all providing travellers with a comfortable and convenient stay.   However, like many hospitality businesses, the hotel group has faced its fair share of challenges over the last few years – from price increases to product shortages.   We spoke with Pierre Burignat, Operations Manager at Hotels Libertel, who shares more about these challenges and how Trinity Purchasing has helped support their operations throughout their six-year partnership.   Introduction   We started to work with Trinity Purchasing six years ago to benefit from their purchasing power and extend the list of […]

Woman riding an e-bike

Benefits of adding e-bikes to your hospitality business

An electric bike (e-bike for short) is a motorised bicycle with an integrated electric motor that is used to provide propulsion. This means that less power, or in some cases even no power at all, is required to move forward. The support works based on power from a battery, the capacity of which determines the time and distance that can be covered with the bicycle before the battery has to be recharged. E-bikes can also be called pedelecs, which means that the power is activated by pedalling instead of by throttle.  The bicycle market  In 2019, the global e-Bike market […]

Trialling new “clinics” format to achieve greater savings for members

Brian Williams, Relationship Manager in Ireland and Anneleen Martens, Relationship Manager in Belgium, are two of the Trinity team members currently in the process of trialling a new service solution called ‘Trinity Clinics’ to gain a better understanding of clients’ immediate needs and provide them with solutions and support.   Following the pandemic, many hospitality staff are now working at such a pace that they might simply work around a problem, feeling they don’t have the time to solve it. It is also sometimes the case that the same issue might be affecting different teams, who have not had an […]

Curragh Lawn Nursing Home shares how Trinity Purchasing helps cuts costs in challenging times

In Ireland, the Trinity Purchasing team has helped Curragh Lawn Nursing Home, part of the CéileCare network of family owned and operated nursing homes, reduce costs during this challenging time for care home operators.  “The initial onboarding process was great,” says Colman Ryan, owner of care home Curragh Lawn Nursing. “Trinity just asked me for our invoices – and a week or so later, we settled on some initial key focus areas. The cost savings estimate they came back with was quite a stark comparison. I’d done very little work, and spent no money, but there were a lot of […]

Sustainable hospitality: 5 ideas to reduce your carbon footprint

The hospitality industry collectively plays an important role in creating a more sustainable future. The food system is estimated to be responsible for a third of greenhouse gas emissions, with the tourism sector accounting for around 8% (hotels around 1%). Therefore, it’s important to regularly review your businesses current environmental impact and identify opportunities for operational improvements.   If you are just starting your sustainability journey, or are simply looking for ways to do better, here are some ideas to help your hospitality business reduce its carbon footprint.  1. Local produce There are many aspects to food sustainability, but why not […]

Children's Cancer Charity Support

Supporting important causes: Donating to the children’s cancer charity, Kinderkankerfonds VZW

When the Trinity team learned that Senior Relationship Manager, Tony Dierckens’ son Jules had been diagnosed with cancer, they wanted to find a way to help. Bracelets for a cause Tony’s daughter, Estelle, decided all by herself to make and sell colourful beaded bracelets to support her brother Jules, donating all the funds she receives to a local charity, Kinderkankerfonds VZW in Belgium. Kinderkankerfonds’ mission is to provide a better quality of life for children with cancer and their families. They provide support for the financial, physical, and mental wellbeing of children and their families, as well as support scientific […]

Helping our members to reduce and control costs

After the covid-19 pandemic, most people had hoped for a return to normal – and expected that it would feel distinctly like pre-pandemic times. While this has, unfortunately, not been the case, Graham and Olivier share how the Trinity team supports its members to help them overcome their current/new challenges and reduce costs. New challenges While businesses in hospitality and catering have seen their customers return, they have been faced with a raft of fresh challenges, as they run their operations. Supply chains remain fragile, many face staff shortages, and conflict in Ukraine has exacerbated issues of inflation and energy […]

Market Conditions Impacting Supply and Availability

The following aims to provide you with information about what’s happening in the marketplace right now and the key factors impacting supply and availability of certain products. *Note: This information was compiled July 2022. Read the latest edition of the Trinity Magazine here. Global Market. The Ukraine conflict continues to impact the global supply chain, influencing the movement of goods, the cost of those goods and, looking forward, the harvest and supply of the next season of crops. Sanctions on Russia and its main exports have meant the supply of fish, fertiliser and fuel have been severely impacted since the […]

How Agence Crého’s portfolio of French hotels increase profitability through a strategic partnership

To help its portfolio of hotels return to profitable operations following the pandemic, French hotel and revenue management company Agence Crého partnered with Trinity Purchasing.  “We began by looking the savings we could gain through the partnership on items for breakfast, then in-room equipment, and as broad as laundry equipment,” says Agence Crého Director, Damien Gourribon. “What we can see, with six months behind us, is a 12% saving overall – without compromising on quality.”   Agency Crého’s consultative approach Agence Creho’s consultancy provides independent hotel owners and operators with a range of services, from managing their sales process and […]

Expert Cost Control is now part of the Trinity Purchasing family

      In February 2022, Expert Cost Control came together to be part of the Trinity Purchasing family, as both companies strive to deliver cost savings and operational efficiencies for hospitality operators in the market. Combining expertise provides a mutual opportunity to scale up the operation, and strengthen our service offerings to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients and members in Ireland. Read more about the benefits we offer here – or contact our friendly team at  

Upcoming Trinity Purchasing Event: Book your place today!

Our upcoming September Trinity Purchasing Event in the Netherlands offers hotel, restaurant and leisure centre operators an opportunity to learn about innovative solutions, new products, services and special promotions tailored for hospitality businesses. The event also provides the chance to taste and sample the latest food and beverage trends from various suppliers, to inspire your menu choices. It is a friendly event with a great atmosphere – ideal for networking and picking up ideas and tips to help your business. Are you a hotel, restaurant or leisure centre operator in the Netherlands? Don’t miss out – Book your place today! […]

e-Bike and e-Mobility sustainable solutions

In our efforts to continue to provide Trinity Purchasing members with sustainable solutions, we’ve partnered with Cesano, a company specialised in electric bikes and electric mobility solutions. This partnership will provide price and service benefits to our members in Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and France, on various e-Bikes, including accessories, insurance, maintenance and repair services, breakdown assistance for roadside assistance, Track & Trace, Cloud connection and advisory activities. eBikes and eMobility Benefits Lowers Co2: Making short trips with a bike rather than a car can make a big environmental impact Fun: Cycle tourism has grown in popularity, and it can […]

Hotel charging stations

Installing electric vehicle charging stations in a hotel car park

The market for electric vehicles in France is booming. Throughout 2021 (up to October), approximately 17.8% of vehicles sold in France were electric and hybrid vehicles, which is up by 33% compared to the same period in 2020 (source: Avere – monthly barometer). In Europe, the global fleet of electrified passenger vehicles now stands at 4.1 million units, twice as many as in 2019 (according to BNEF). The presence of a charging point at a hotel or restaurant is therefore a key criterion of choice for customers driving electrical vehicles. As a hotel or restaurant owner, the issue is not […]

Exploring Innovative Ideas for Sustainable Bedding with Hilding Anders

When choosing a hotel stay, many of us factor in a good night’s sleep as well as our environmental impact. Bed manufacturer Hilding Anders combines the importance of the two by creating comfortable bedding solutions for hotel guests whilst reducing carbon footprint! The Swedish group has manufacturing units across Europe and further afield, and supplies the hotel industry globally, as well as providing white label beds and mattresses to retail store groups. For hotels, it works with partners such as Trinity, to ensure the mattress range – and the improvements the group is making to its products – are shared […]

Trinity Purchasing Events coming in June: Book your place today!

Our upcoming June events offer hospitality and leisure operators in Belgium an opportunity to learn about innovative solutions, new products and services tailored for hospitality businesses. The events also provide the chance to taste and sample new food and drink offerings from suppliers, to inspire your menu choices in the months to come. It is a friendly event with a great atmosphere – ideal for networking and picking up ideas and tips to help your business.   Don’t miss out – Book your place today at one of the events below! Event Date: 02/06/2022 Location: Green Park Hotel Brugge, Chartreuseweg […]

Dolce Hotel and Spa at Bad Nauheim: Trinity Purchasing delivers savings in key categories

Close to Frankfurt, Germany, the Trinity Purchasing team is helping management at the elegant Dolce Hotel and Spa in Bad Nauheim improve their bottom line.    “So far working with Trinity Purchasing has been really great,” says Felix Hafner, Ass. General Manager/Executive Assistant, Operations. “We appreciate the impeccable service as well as the overall savings!”   As with so many other German hotels, the Dolce Bad Nauheim is rebuilding its business following the pandemic. Alongside 159 guestrooms and suites, the historic Art Nouveau landmark has a range of meeting and conference rooms, including its own theatre on the site. With extensive terraces and […]

Online ordering

Cherry Pi Helps Hospitality Operators Control Costs, Improve Efficiencies

Hospitality operators are looking for ways to mitigate the impacts of rising prices along with inflation, by improving efficiencies and controlling costs. Senior Relationship Manager for France, Italy & Spain, Letizia Mirandola, has over 25 years of experience in the hospitality sector and knows how valuable freeing up resources and time can be for today’s businesses. One of the key ways Letizia has found that operators can improve efficiencies is by using the online ordering system, Cherry Pi, a module available within Trinity’s cloud-based, eProcurement system Pi. With experience training several hotels in France on how to use Cherry Pi, […]

Hotel Trends

Five 2022 Hospitality Trends to Watch

Across Europe, hoteliers are starting to look forward to a year of full business once more, after two years of stop-start restrictions. In early February 2022, governments in Scandinavia and the UK announced plans to remove all travel restrictions they had imposed to manage the coronavirus pandemic. Other European governments are likely to follow the lead by easing international travel restrictions. Some countries, such as Spain, have an economy that relies heavily on inbound tourism, while Germany benefits substantially from the international business of trade fairs. With everyone now optimistic that the covid pandemic is moving into the rear-view mirror, […]

Starting with Sustainability

The subject of sustainability and reducing carbon intensity has grown in importance, just as many of us were forced into pandemic lockdowns and had to travel less. This is now increasingly becoming embedded into our lives, with businesses committing to do their part to reduce their environmental impact. Many larger companies have started with a headline promise of a reduction target.   Sustainable Hospitality Alliance reported that the hotel sector accounts for around 1% of global carbon emissions. To keep pace, the global hotel industry will need to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per room per year by 66% […]

How a strategic purchasing partnership helped Dormio Resorts & Hotels successfully grow across Europe

Dormio Resorts & Hotels is a growing leisure accommodation business, with locations across key European holiday destinations. Their relationship with Trinity started modestly, with a contract that has helped Dormio reduce payment transaction fees. The strategic purchasing partnership has continued to grow from there! “It was quite easy to do more together,” says Serge van der Heijden, Director Operations for Dormio Resorts & Hotels, “as you’re always looking for ways to improve your purchasing.”   The Dormio group is an established holiday resort developer, managing construction and unit sales. Since 2012, the group opted to create its own resort management business. […]

The Trinity Purchasing Event is On!

The Trinity Team is delighted to welcome clients and suppliers back to its regular series of in-person events, the first of which will be held on Thursday, 24 March in Landen, Belgium.   This event offers hospitality and leisure operators a fantastic opportunity to get an insight into the latest market trends as well as to learn about innovative solutions, new products and services tailored for hospitality businesses from over 50 food and non-food suppliers.   “The event also provides the chance to taste and sample new food and drink offerings from suppliers, to inspire their menu choices in the months […]

Hospitality Embraces Cherry Pi to Improve Efficiency

Hospitality businesses across Europe are looking for ways to improve efficiency, as they recover from the pandemic and reopen for business. Supply chains issues, and staffing challenges, mean business managers need to discover how to do more, with less. One of the key ways to improve efficiency for hospitality businesses, is to automate processes that may until now have been managed manually. And Trinity’s e-Procurement Co-ordinator, Celine Snauwaert, is discovering that the group’s online software system, called Pi, is the solution for many in the sector. “Before joining Trinity, I spent almost 20 years in hospitality, so I understand the […]

Post-COVID breakfast options

Post-COVID breakfast options: Solutions to support your breakfast operations

These days, hygiene is on everyone’s mind. Especially when trying to enjoy a good meal at a restaurant or hotel. Some of the measures taken during COVID-19 might be here to stay. Here are some suggestions to consider for enhancing a “conventional” breakfast buffet set-up. The Food and Drug Administration has released a series of best practices for restaurants, which include discontinuing self-serving stations that require customers to use common utensils or dispensers, like salad bars and buffets. We may very well see as a by-product of COVID-19 an emphasis being placed on safety, cleanliness, and hygiene even at the […]

Extra sales boost with these two tools after COVID-19

Extra sales boost with these two tools after COVID-19

With the help of our supplier Tlant, we are going to give you ideas and tools for your hotel sales team to give your turnover a significant boost. We will start with a small piece of research; where have we come from and where will we be going? Deloitte research shows that there are three phases to this crisis; Respond, Recover, Thrive. Respond; how do we respond to the crisis and what should we do to survive as a company for as long as possible? Recover; what does the ‘new normal’ look like, how has our mindset changed, how can […]

Time to plan for reopening

Time to plan for reopening

Everyone in the hospitality sector, across Europe, has endured many frustrating months of trading restrictions. Now, while the way ahead is not exactly defined, we can at least look forward to reopening, and beginning to serve customers and guests once more. Through the depths of the covid crisis, many organisations learned how to become more agile, and to work together to help not just one another, but to support those in need due to the pandemic. We can all take inspiration from the stories of helping accommodate the homeless, feeding key workers, and providing support to others, in completely new […]

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