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Supplier Partners

Trinity Purchasing works together with our suppliers to offer a complete spectrum of products and services to our hospitality customers at the best value.

We work with all types of suppliers, from familiar multinational brands to local producers and specialists and from service providers to manufacturers of capital equipment.

Delivering value to our clients is our only priority and whilst pricing is always important, careful attention is given to quality, service, logistics and administration. We ensure there are options suitable for all clients, whether large or small, national or single site.

Trinity Purchasing Drives Value to Our Suppliers

Client Engagement and Efficient Sales Management

Trinity Purchasing provides industry expertise for our clients, offering advice and opportunities across the breadth of their business needs. Relationships are strong and client retention is high, so we offer an efficient and effective route to market and a consistent stream of predictable revenue. We regularly visit our members to maintain and develop engagement, ensuring our supplier’s own sales resources can be deployed as efficiently as possible.

Working at The Right Level

As part of the Avendra Group, we can operate and negotiate at the most appropriate level for your organisation, whether global, regional, national or local, or a combination of levels. With over 2,000 members, we can help grow volume in many territories and collaborate with some of the biggest hotel chains in the world.

Bringing Value to Our Clients

Trinity brings a value proposition to its clients far broader than any individual supplier. Whether through our experienced team of dedicated relationship managers, the provision of a comprehensive eProcurement solution or the breadth of our product and service offer. Being part of the Trinity proposition means suppliers benefit from this total package.

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